Sunday, November 19, 2006

The Person Who is Happiest Jimmie Johnson is the Champion:

Brian Vickers congratulates Jimmie Johnson

Brian Vickers has to be breathing a sigh of relief. A year of wrecks was ahead of him if Johnson lost the championship by the margin of points he lost to Vickers in that Talladega wreck.

In other news, Ryan Newman introduced Juan Pablo Montoya to the concept of the "revenge wreck." Next year is going to be awesome.

Ford 400

Championship Weekend!

I don't know who I'm pulling for. Kenseth already has a championship and I'm ambivalent about Johnson. So maybe I'll just hope they wreck out and Kevin Harvick pulls off the incredibly unlikely double-championship in one year, or all three bite the dust and Denny Hamlin becomes the most unlikely rookie champion ever.

So far:
-Kurt Busch's car better be parked for the rest of the race He's already ruined Bobby Labonte's race, and perhaps Jimmie Johnson's championship with that debris through the nose. Two wrecks in the first 15 laps? One in front of the leader? You're done. "Experimental setup" or not.
-Watching the pace lap, I realized how I wish the cars looked in comparison to the Ford Mustang Pace car, and kind of wish NASCAR would go back to a more "stock" configuration. I don't know how the Car of Tommorrow will look next season when a field full of fully finished cars are racing. It may look more realistic, but it will certainly be yet another step away from NASCAR's stock roots.
NASCAR Ford 400 Mustang Pace Car
NASCAR Ford 400 Mustang Pace Car

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Bored Stewart Bump Drafts the Pace Car at Texas

Wow. They say Brett Bodine is the pace car driver.

1) WTF? Brett Bodine can only get work as a pace car driver? Or is that the only way he can ever be out front of the field?

2) Tony Stewart bump drafts the pace car. It'd be hilarious if he crushed the nose in on his car and loses the race as a result. Still, that's pretty funny, and shows how Tony can be a genuinely funny guy - so long as he's doing well.

Tony Stewart pushes the pace car at Texas