Sunday, October 07, 2012

Kurt Busch Peels Out Away From Talladega Safety Workers

Kurt Busch did a very Kurt Busch thing today at Talladega. After running out of gas and damaging his car, safety workers rushed to where he came to a rest and were around his car when he decided to refire it and drive off. Apparently a "Hey guys, I'm going to drive back to pit road now" was beyond him. You know. Because he's a competitor. Or something.

Kurt Busch 51 Phoenix Racing Talladega wreck 2012

51 Kurt Busch Talladega Safety Workers 2012

#51 Kurt Busch Track officials Talladega

#51 Kurt Busch pulls away from safety workers with a bag on the roof#51 Kurt Busch Phoenix Racing Talladega final race wreck 2012

Afterwards, Kurt hugged his crew members and fucked off to the 78 team, who he promises not to wreck out of the sport.

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