Friday, February 23, 2007

More Daytona 250 (Truck) Screenshots

Aftermath of Chase Miller's wreck, then oh yeah, there was kind of an exciting finish to the race, too. Actually, once again the trucks have shown that with their big bulky and boxy forms, they punch enough of a hole in the air to make restrictor plate racing fun and interesting. At least far more so than the entire Busch race or everything but the first ten laps and last forty laps of the Daytona 500 itself. They say the Car of Tommorrow with it's increased size and common template will drive more like the trucks at these tracks. And after the disastrous finish to the 500, we'll likely be able to see if that's true sooner rather than later.

Either way, the trucks have been stealing the show during speedweeks pretty much from the moment they let them on the track. If you don't watch them, at least catch the restrictor plate races. You might start wondering why they're not the ones running on Sunday.

I mean seriously. The anouncer was in the process of calling the race for Travis Kvapil before Sprague even made the move that won the race (thanks to Johnny Benson.) If it was a cup race, there simply wouldn't have been time to make a move like that. And if it weren't for the drama of the last lap wreck, I'm pretty sure most would agree the finish to the truck race was far better (in terms of actual racing.)

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