Saturday, October 07, 2006

And Martin Too

So some people are looking at the Mark Martin move to MB2 in 2007 move and are scratching their heads. This folks, is nothing more than a lesson in having your own success bite you.

Mark decided he still wanted to race at the top level rather than beat other teams senseless in the Truck Series. Thus, he wanted to split a ride for the 2007 season with another driver. This is a trend we will see emerge over the next couple years as we enter a phase the exact opposite of the "field filler" dilemma we had a couple year or so back. There are going to be way more serious teams than spots in the field, and new drivers are trying to break in while old drivers are trying to phase out with some dignity. The only logical move is to share rides, as I've been yammering about on this blog as of late.

But Mark is a victim of his own success. He would love to split a Rousch Ride in 2007, I venture, but Rousch is already at the limit of the maximum amount of teams allowed in the series. With all those commitments apparently full, that leaves nowhere for Mark. That Mark is the major reason Rousch racing is at the current level of success it is now and had the opportunity to expand like it did in the 90's is just one of those little ironies of life.

But to tell the truth, I think Rousch is making the wrong move. McMurray hasn't been all that strong in the 26 (That number has never worked for Rousch cars, no matter how good the driver) and there still seems to be no viable candidate for the 6 car next year. So while this announcement is a boon for MB2, allowing them to take advantage of this trend before everyone starts doing it, I still see it as a mis-step for Rousch and Martin. One that they will probably rectify come 2008.

Unless, of course, they put Bill Elliott in the 6.

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