Sunday, August 20, 2006

TNT Needs Benny - Michigan Post Mortem

All sorts of stories flowing around Michigan. David Gilliand proved he was a rookie in the 38, no surprise there. Good thing he's getting an early jump on next year. Evernham motorsports came out with an awesome car to make booting Jeremy Mayfield out in favor of Elliott Sadler seem a brilliant move, and Matt Kenseth managed to not get run over by Jeff Gordon this time.

In the end, the Busch race finish was more exciting, in that we got to see the same drivers race more competitively, and Robby Gordon contend for a win not on a road course (although it would have been awesome if he tried to cut through the grass like he did at the Glen.). I think that was the first time fans have ever booed Dale Earnhardt Jr. yet the irony is I think that was the first time Jr. ever blatantly acted like his father. Watching Carl Edwards be angry is probably the funniest thing on television. "Gosh darnit, I'm just so friggin mad! Oh well, there's always next week." How that guy can slam into Dale Jr. after the race is over and give an interview like that 5 minutes later is astounding. Is he on Prozac?

Racing at Michigan is odd. It's a weird track, in that the cars are going to fast, but they look like they're going so slow. Maybe it's all the wide shots TNT took this weekend, but they really made the track seem slow. COmpetition there is great, and finished are usually fun, with the tendency for the track to allow for lap after lap of side by side racing, but the races just seemed kind of boring. Maybe instead of just sticking one camera down the far end of the backstretch, TNT should put a couple more out there to allow for shorter, tighter shots on the cars.

NBC needs Benny Parson back, fast. Benny is the happy center of the universe on NBC/TNT that keeps Wally Dallenbach from saying how he would try to win the race. I just read Wally's profile on TNT's homepage to see why the hell he was hired in the first place, to learn that he's actually won the 24 hours of Daytona 4 times. Go figure. Probably the best part of the Busch broadcast was where Bill Weber said, "If I was in eleventh, I wouldn't pit." Wally shot back with "You'd never be in eleventh." Pretty mean, coming from somebody who's never won a NASCAR race himself. Of course, all this silly season crap is getting so insane, and some teams are so desperate, he could very well wind up riding in the second Robert Yates car next year, calling the race for TNT as he sits back in 38th place, trying to stay a lap ahead of Gilliand.

I know, I'm mean. To make up for it, take a look at one of the best Michigan finishes ever. It's IROC, but from a few years back, so it's good:

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