Wednesday, August 09, 2006

From 9 to 19 and Indy Thoughts

So Mayfield is out of the 19 at Watkins Glen, and Bill Elliott is stepping in. Michael Waltrip fails to qualify for the Brickyard 400, while part time driver/half retired/guy with the obviously shittier car/teammate Bill Elliott scores a 21st place finish. (By the way, wtf about that? Bill was hanging back in the mid 30's all day and suddenly starts rocketing to the front with like 10 laps to go.)

Seem like people may be starting to take notice. At this point, I bet that if he wants a full ride next season, he'll have it. All that remains to be seen is if he wants it, and with what team.

The Indy broadcast was funny with how the announcers at the end really tried to make the most of the fans feel bad for not wanting Jimmie Johnson to win. The end was so boring all they could do was try and emphasize how meaningful this all was. Hell, by the end, they even had me not feeling like I wasted so much time watching the race. The best part though was the whole Rick Mears thing. "Jimmie Johnson is from blah blah California, where Rick Mears is from. Rick Mears is his idol. You gotta bet this is meaningful to him. You just know that's in the back of his mind. There's no way he's not thinking of Rick Mears right now..." Fast forward to the post-race interview, and they bring up the Mears thing. His reply was something along the lines of, "You know, I hadn't even thought of that till just now." At least he agreed it was meaningful.

Screw it. I found some awesome Indy 500 finishes on YouTube. Enjoy yourself a real last 10 lap shootout to make up for that boring finish Sunday:

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