Thursday, February 15, 2007

Dual 150 - 01 Post Mortem

A lot is dependant on the second race, but it looks like Michael Waltrip is in, as is Boris Said. James Harvey Hylton made an awesome and clever move, but winds up 23rd after getting stuck out in the draft. Dale Jarrett will use the Camp's provisional, which means Bill Elliott is probably going home. Mike Bliss misses the race by 1.5 feet. Because Said made it in with the race, that means David Reutamin doesn't, and his time should be good enough. I also think Johnny Sauter is good on time.

This should vindicate Waltrip and his racing skills (At least on restrictor plate tracks.)

David Gilliland has proven he is a damn fine rookie, and the savior of Robert Yates racing (Rudd too, but he won't stick around too long.)He's essentially been racing against cup guys with inferior equipment down in the Busch series, and beat them once. Now that he's in a good car, he's showing what he can do.

The race was a wreck fest as anticipated, and I don't expect much different in the next 150. Thanks to NASCAR's unwillingness to handle what happened over the offseason and deal with the fact that 26 cars were going for 8 spots, racers have been put in danger, careers ruined, and this is only going to end poorly.

Quote of the week:

James Hylton: "We'll get em next time."

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