Sunday, February 25, 2007

David Reutimann Bad Wreck

Bad wreck. He actually seemed to be passed out there for a moment on live TV. Good thing he walked away. Good thing for the SAFER Barrier too.

You could hear the worry in his spotter's voice over the radio. He moved pretty sluggish, but the safety crew was there in a flash to help him out and put out the fire. Even the TV broadcast was useful -- it is standard protocol that a driver drops his window net to signal he is okay. With David Reutimann not doing that, the best way to make sure he was ok was to go to the in-car view, where it was confirmed he was stirring.

It's a lot better than how it was when I first started watching racing, where you could go minutes without knowing the state of a competitor. Now with the safety emphasis, things are quite different. And with the introduction of the Car of Tommorrow, things will hopefully be even safer.

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